[People Puzzle II] Why You Need to Empower Your Team Now

Want To Solve The People Puzzle? Give "Power To The People!"

In our last ABA Insider, we began giving you tips for recession-proofing your company by solving the people puzzle. Our first tip on using your team as the most effective tool you have in your arsenal for outwitting the competition, was to find new ways to increase their level of engagement at their job. We pointed out three key attitudes they need to adopt for this to happen.

Our second tip is to find more and more ways to empower everyone on the team. The key to having a strong team that multiplies your personal effectiveness is to find ways to equip and empower them. Only when they are prepared with the tools they need to take on additional responsibility, can they successfully do so. But, once they are prepared, they also must feel the confidence and belief in them by their immediate supervisor. This is demonstrated by having already determined what additional tasks you want to delegate to them and meeting with them to "set up" that process. Remember, you will have to take your "hands off" while keeping your "eyes on." As a manager, you need to think, and have your management team think of how your actions are (or are not) empowering those below you to share the heavy load of tasks and responsibility you carry.

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