Why You also Need a Client Happiness Specialist!

NOTE: We’ll continue the series on “acedia” next week.You’ve no doubt heard Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” song/video. If you haven’t, take 4 minutes to get a little happy: I recently hired a Client Happiness Specialist. Don’t have one? You need one too! Why? I believe you want to live a life of no regrets. I believe you want to let yourself be happy, too.Let me share my unsurprising epiphany: what we all long for is to be happy. If you ask a new parent what she wants for her child, she’ll likely say, “to be happy and healthy.” If you ask someone on his deathbed what he wish he’d done differently, he’ll likely say, “I wish I allowed myself to be happier.”Many business owners I know don’t allow themselves be happy! They bemoan the fact that they are stuck (by choice?) wearing so many hats that don’t suit them. They’ve misplaced their Big Why. They think being a business owner means wearing most, if not every, hat. They feel stuck in that overwhelming role. Until last year, I knew better bu…

Real Christianity – Why You Should Consider It (Part II)

God’s Solution for Our Disobedience and Sin Living in Us:Become a Child of God and Be Set Free From the Sinful NatureNo one escapes the reality of physical death on this earth. As most estate planners point out, the mortality rate in this life is 100%. But the Bible does say a person can find the “tree of life,” get past the “guards” to it, and escape spiritual death. Therefore, the key question is “how?”As indicated previously, in Romans 7:17&20, sin is a noun, something that is living in us. Is Paul trying to avoid responsibility? No, put in context, he is using his own experience to define reality for us and help each person understand that through accepting Christ’s death at the Cross as payment for his/her sins (see definition above) and through daily faith in Jesus Christ, sin (the “thing” living in us) is rendered powerless. “Who will rescue me from this body of death? Thanks be to God – through Jesus Christ our Lord!” The “sin living in” you is what the Bible calls a “sinf…

Liminal Dimensions: Completing “Theory U”

Managing our companies provides the most strenuous leadership challenge: though owners must lead by example, they in fact cannot lead others where they themselves have not gone!Your competitive advantage as a firm is to harness the nascent future within your employees. Go beyond respecting to encouraging, celebrating and liberating your employees to bring their full selves to your firm. (more…)Liminal Dimensions: Completing “Theory U” is available on American Business Advisors in Denver

What’s Your Company’s Social Capital Footprint? Part 2

Last week, I talked about how a couple of merchants in a little medieval town created an unanticipated social capital footprint. Their decisions to uphold and propagate standards of honest weights, excellent service, and integrity had far-reaching consequences for themselves and their community and the world.It is little surprise, then, that out of that unintended stock of positive social capital grew a flourishing trade that yielded the fruit of leaders who made London into the center of banking and commerce for a growing empire.Conversely, what does a shrinking social capital base look like?Consider how (more…)What’s Your Company’s Social Capital Footprint? Part 2 was originally published to American Business Advisors

Can Your Sales Team Make You into a Top Quartile/25% Company?

Three out of four companies you know are not in the top quartile. By definition they are underperforming. Over the next few Insiders, we will provide tools to help you to assess whether or not your sales team has the capacity to help you grow your business into a top 25% company.One of the keys to becoming a top quartile company is having consistent and growing revenue. Revenue growth depends on the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales channels. While creating and cultivating your online presence is certainly a key part of supporting sales efforts, most of our clients depend on having sales people who are experts at cultivating client relationships.According to The Sales Board research, there are five factors that most positively impact sales performance.  This data set was compiled over 20 years and tabulates the results from over 400,000 salespeople from over 3,500 companies in a broad range of industries.Best of all, the research shows that the top five skills can be taught a…

[People Puzzle II] Why You Need to Empower Your Team Now

Want To Solve The People Puzzle? Give "Power To The People!"In our last ABA Insider, we began giving you tips for recession-proofing your company by solving the people puzzle. Our first tip on using your team as the most effective tool you have in your arsenal for outwitting the competition, was to find new ways to increase their level of engagement at their job. We pointed out three key attitudes they need to adopt for this to happen.Our second tip is to find more and more ways to empower everyone on the team. The key to having a strong team that multiplies your personal effectiveness is to find ways to equip and empower them. Only when they are prepared with the tools they need to take on additional responsibility, can they successfully do so. But, once they are prepared, they also must feel the confidence and belief in them by their immediate supervisor. This is demonstrated by having already determined what additional tasks you want to delegate to them and meeting with t…

Making Your 2016 Successful: Help Us Help You

Take our SurveySome of you are new to our weekly online Journal, have been reading the monthly Strategic Edge or come to us from reading Jon Hokama’s “Liminal Dimensions” weekly blog. By filling out this survey, you will help us understand YOUR top questions and concerns as business owners (or as those who work with business owners).Please click here and record your (anonymous) responses today. This survey will take you only 2-3 minutes to fill out. It will remain open until Sunday, January 17, 2016 at Midnight (when we Bronco fans expect to be celebrating our Wild Card victory!).We will share with you the results about who your fellow readers are and what top interests you share. Best of all, we will provide content during 2016 that will address your key questions about running, managing or passing along a business.Have a great week in this new year!Toolkit:You get to help us serve you better by filling out this brief survey:Thanks again!Photo by albertogp123The post Making Your 2016…